The different kinds of CNC Milling Machines

Anyone looking for the best machine for CNC milling machining Malaysia should look at the different kinds of machines available. This understanding can be vital in your decision of which machine is the best for you.

The different kinds of machines have different functions and operate differently. Thus, you need to buy a machine that meets your requirements, is the right size, and is accurate and cost effective. The machine should also be long lasting, stable and reliable.

The different kinds of devices for CNC milling machining Malaysia can be divided into two primary types:

 Horizontal Milling Machines

Horizontal milling machines make use of a spindle that contains a rotating cutting tool on a horizontal axis. The workplace remains stationary, while the rotating cutting tool and spindle shave off pieces from the workpiece along a horizontal orientation.

 Vertical Milling Machines

Vertical milling machines have the same exact setup as horizontal milling machines; however, the only difference is that the spindle is placed on a vertical orientation along with the rotating cutting tool. The spindle can move up and down along its axis, unlike that of the horizontal milling machine.

These two types can be further divided into different types of CNC milling machines, which include the following:
Bed Mills

Bed mills are a type of CNC vertical milling machine and they are the most basic type. Bed mills have spindles and rotating tools that can move along the vertical axis to create cuts on the surface of the workpiece.
Moving Columns

The moving columns machine is used for oversized material and has a fixed bed upon which the milling tool can move along its three axis setup. This machine is also a type of vertical milling machine.
Double Columns

With a larger working surface and processing range, the double columns milling machine is best for milling metal. This is also a vertical milling machine center that works on larger pieces and bigger details.

This is another type of vertical milling machine that is the most traditional design. This machine comes with a hydraulic motor and is very hefty in its design, so it will take up a lot of space.
Drill and Tap

As the name suggests, drill and tap machines drill and tap into the surface of the workpiece. These machines are also bigger in size.
Five Axis Machining Centers

For greater precision, detail-orientation and accuracy, you should use five axis machining centers. You can mill on up to five faces using this machine and the different angles allow for better accuracy in a complex design.
Double Spindle

Double or multi-spindle milling centers are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations. They are used to mass-produce complicated workpieces with great productivity rates and high efficiency.


While it may feel confusing, you should gain a better understanding of these machines before purchasing them. The main purpose for CNC milling machining Malaysia should also be clear to you before you invest in your own CNC milling machine.