About CNC Milling Machine

Your Guide to CNC Milling Machining


For anyone who is looking to manufacture complex parts, CNC milling machining is one of the most convenient and common processes used for this purpose. CNC milling machining makes use of an automated process through the CNC (or computer numerical control) component of the machine.

CNC milling makes use of subtractive fabrication to produce complicated designs from stock materials. The machine includes a rotating device that rotates the material while it is being milled into the desired shape. Small ships are taken off from the material and this ensures accuracy in the design.

CNC milling machining works on a three axis setup to produce three-dimensional shapes and designs. Some more advanced versions even make use of the fourth and fifth axis for greater precision and efficacy.
What Steps are involved in the CNC Milling Machining Process?

While the process may seem complicated and hard to understand, there are only four steps involved. The process of the CNC milling machine include the following steps:
Designing the parts using the CAD

Using the Computer Aided Design software, you will have to design your desired parts in the shapes that are required. This design will be easier for the CNC to read. Make sure that your design is revised and edited as needed
Translating the CAD files into codes

Once you have designed your parts, it is time to translate your design into codes that are readable by the CNC system. You can revise and make changes to your design once it has been translated. However, this is the final stage of editing.
Setting the machinery up

While the entire process is automated, someone will have to set the machinery up. This would include putting in the tools and making sure there is optimal placement of the workpiece on the worktable. There are even some milling machines that allow for the setting up of different tools at the same time.
Manufacturing the parts

Once the machine has been setup, it is time to sit back and relax as the parts are being manufactured and shaped by the CNC milling machining process. It is best to supervise the machine to make sure nothing goes wrong during the process; however, if your design was made to perfection, the likelihood of errors occurring is slim.
What are the Components of a CNC Milling Machine?

The components of the CNC milling machine include the machine interface, an overarm, a cross and a vertical traverse handle, the cutting tool, a column, knee, saddle, worktable, spindle, arbor, ram and machine tool. These components combine to create the CNC milling machining process.

Why is CNC Milling Machining Malaysia the Best Option for You?

CNC milling machining Malaysia is the best option because it is a one-time investment that will provide you with a great amount of return. The process is safe and convenient. It is much less time consuming than traditional methods. CNC milling machining will provide you with the accuracy and consistency that most people can only imagine.