About Us

CNC PRECISION (MALAYSIA) PLT Gets Better with Maturity


We specialized in delivering high precision and cost-effective machinery that best-fit the customer's requirements. Our areas of specialties mainly include large CNC machining parts, CNC turning, CNC milling, fabrication, welding, repairing job, etc.
About Founders


Liew Sze Yoon, the founder of CNC PRECISION (MALAYSIA) PLT, prioritizes the importance of seeking excellence continuously through professional improvements in engineering technologies. His vision has led CNC PRECISION (MALAYSIA) PLT to mature into a reputable one-stop large and high precision engineering solution service provider as evidenced by the growing customer base, increasing turnovers, and consistent repeat purchases.

Alexin Liew, the heir to the founder, is also currently one of the directors of The Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Foundry and Engineering Industries Association. As a responsible citizen of the profession, Alexin Liew believes in committing himself to work closely with the association to explore growth potential, business opportunities, training programs, and employment prospects to inspire the next generation to take up this profession with a passion for they are the succession for the industry.
Our Services


CNC PRECISION (MALAYSIA) PLT is one of the very few players in the market to have a reputation in fabricating heavy-industry parts of huge dimension or large CNC machining part. We are a professional team of specialists with hands-on expertise and cumulative years of practical experience in blending advanced technological applications to accommodate such requirements.

We are a fully equipped ONE-STOP ENGINEERING SOLUTION PROVIDER that offers a full range of machining services for all your machining needs:

• Medium & Large CNC Machine Parts
• High Precision & High End Material
• CNC Turning
• CNC Milling (with 4 axis)
• Fabrication & Welding
• Repairing Job